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B2B branding is your business personality and much more

January 2022Helen

Just like branding in the B2C world, branding for B2B companies is a powerful concept. I think it is easier to understand and accept as consumers that there is an emotional attachment to a brand. And by this I mean that you associate certain brands with particular emotions – whether you see them as warm and inviting, spirited, innovative and inspiring or traditional or old fashioned. Think about why you choose certain brands, like Apple, and how their brand marketing works hard to connect emotionally with their audience.

This is not a modern concept. Branding was first introduced in the 19th century with the first factories and mass production. Brand identities helped companies include a ‘human element’ for reassurance and trust that used to come from the friendly local shop keeper.

But I don’t think branding and branding personalities should apply to just the business to consumer relationship, it’s just as important in a business to business relationship. In fact, I’d say that now, it’s never been as important during these difficult trading conditions, when everything has shifted, including markets, values and expectations. Your brand can say a lot about your business. A brand is much more than the mark or logo, it can represent everything your business stands for. Your brand can convey to your customers about:

your reputation

customer service


your promise


your products and service

and of course your business personality

So what does your brand say about your business in 2022?

Take a good, long hard look and be honest with yourself. Does it reflect who you are, what you represent and your customer expectations. Or is it time to consider a brand refresh in 2022.

FIG has successfully rebranded businesses from many different sectors at various stages of a business cycle, whether it’s a business start up, or a well established business needing a refresh or a complete makeover. We can work with you throughout the whole process of the rebrand, including the new mark, brand guidelines, the roll out of the brand through to a full brand communication strategy.

FIG rebranded HealthyStep, a leading foot care innovation company. FIG refreshed the over-arching corporate brand communicated with a single website which incorporated its separate product brands.

Find out more about FIG’s branding and creative work and for more examples visit our case study pages such as the rebranding of HealthyStep.

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