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Have you got what it takes to be FIG’s next marketing partner?

April 2022Helen
Looking for a Marketing Partner

FIG has an opening for its next marketing partner! Our marketing partners are very special types of companies, does this sound like you?

If you are committed, focused and dedicated to growing your business, then you might just be right for FIG’s award-winning Marketing Partner Programme

Our Marketing Partner Programme is a retained relationship which gives you access to our in-house team of experienced marketers, web developers, PR specialists, copywriters and graphic designers to help deliver your marketing activity. Every marketing partner is unique so what we deliver is unique to them. But we can take care of your marketing strategy, your branding, content marketing, digital and web support, social media engagement, PR and email marketing campaigns, right through to exhibition and advertising support, and we’ll be there to support you and your business as a virtual marketing department.

Are You Committed?

We’re looking for a company that is committed to their business and who is looking to grow. As a Marketing Partner, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to be a single point of contact for you. Our Account Managers are senior marketers with many years’ experience in strategy and developing marketing plans and will manage your marketing activity so you don’t have to. Instead of talking to multiple suppliers such as printers, advertising managers and web designers, you have access to a whole team of experts, dedicated to your goals and targets, leaving you more time to concentrate on the other parts of your business. Being committed doesn’t always need big budgets, but it does require the commitment of a budget. But you probably already spend a lot of money or time on things such as Google Adwords, your web support, social media, or advertising? But are you getting the return on investment from your activities? Is your budget being spent in the most effective way? We can help you do this.

Are You Focused?

We need a company who recognises that marketing should be a necessary focus to grow their business. As a Marketing Partner we’ll help you forward plan and work with you strategically to achieve your business objectives. You will benefit from strategic quarterly meetings with your account manager to discuss upcoming projects, brainstorm ideas and to review what’s worked well and how to improve. Whether it’s an email campaign, product launches, a series of promotional videos, or a PR and social media strategy, we’ll come up with the best plan to suit your budget and your objectives to move your business forward. Our focus is your business.

Are You Dedicated?

As your Marketing Partner, we are as dedicated to your company’s success as you are. We work as your virtual marketing department and deliver innovative, creative and professional marketing activities to keep you on top of your game and ahead of your competition. We believe that effective marketing is often what distinguishes those companies who grow from those who don’t and the real business success our partners have enjoyed as part of our retained programme goes a long way to demonstrate this.

If you would like to find out more about FIG’s marketing partner programme read more here and read about some of our case studies and then give us a call on 01457 857111 to book an appointment and tell us about your business.

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