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FIG’s Top 5 PR Tips

May 2021Becky
FIG’s Top 5 PR Tips

B2B PR is one of FIG’s core services, and with two very experienced PR Managers who are highly skilled at communicating technical messaging for our clients and securing great coverage, we’re pretty good at it too.

We asked them what their top tips were, from writing the initial press release to maximising the coverage as much as possible to make sure your get a good ROI. Here’s what they had to say:

PR Tip 1: Find Your angle

Before you’ve even put pen to paper (or let’s face it, fingers to keyboard in the digital age), it’s important to know why you’re writing and what your approach is to ensure a streamlined article that delivers your point quickly.

If you don’t know what your point is, or if you don’t get to it within the first paragraph, you’ll lose your audience to another article so be succinct and clear at all times.

PR Tip 2: Live Up To Your Brand Values

Demonstrate who you are at every opportunity. Whether it’s through your design, your copywriting, your csr activity or even how you answer the phone, show what kind of company you are.

Practising what you preach is a sure-fire way to create brand loyalty amongst your customer base, which brings significant advantages of its own.

PR Tip 3: Create Photo Opportunities

A picture is worth a thousand words so always incorporate your copy with a clear, well taken, high resolution photo.

A good photograph helps cement the details in the reader’s mind, so make sure you grab the best one that you can. Take both landscape and portrait images so that no matter which dimensions the publication requires, you have it covered, and make sure you include the full names of everyone in the image where possible.

PR Tip 4: Maximise Your Coverage

Once you have secured coverage, either online or in-print, make sure you use it to your advantage.

Check the publication’s social media too and retweet any mentions of your article as seeing you featured on external accounts will help build your brand reputation. Re-use the content to create posts across your social media, include it in your company emailshots and write a blog for your website.

PR Tip 5: Work With a Team

No man is an island, and as such, using a dedicated team to work on your PR activity ensures that any messages you convey are by design rather than by accident.

The very basics are someone good at design, someone good with copy and a good photographer to help you add value to your messaging, provide feedback and help you distribute your messages.

As a full service marketing agency, FIG’s 16-strong team has experience across all sectors, so if you’re looking for professional support to help propel your business forward, why not talk to us. As Daniel J. Boorstin once said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire PR officers.”

To discuss how FIG can help you with your PR activity, call us on 01457 857111 or email us at [email protected]

You can also find out more useful tips and advice on your PR strategy with our Guide to Managing PR & Communications in a Digital Age

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