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FIG’s Favourite Mistakes – The Best 404 Error Pages

March 2021Becky

When the FIG designers are busy working on a new web design for a client, there’s always a lot of focus on the main pages. The home page, the about us page, the products and services pages – and rightly so. They’re the bread and butter of your web presence, and require a deep thought process, plus a good deal of research and testing to make sure they are fluid, easily navigated and logical as well as nice to look at.

But even the best of us can make mistakes. Whether it’s a broken link or a mistyped url, every now and again, we all find ourselves staring at a 404 error page, so when FIG designs a website, we prepare for every eventuality, including the often overlooked 404 page.

Although initially used to indicate that the page you visited could not be reached, your 404 page can be a great opportunity to reflect your company’s personality, or showcase some of your other products or services. At the end of the day, it’s another opportunity for you to promote your business!

We’ve put together a list of our favourite 404 pages below…there’s some great ones on the list and no mistake!


With an joke only fans would be in on, Marvel have kept it simple with a picture of Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer, which nobody but Thor can pick up) and the wording ‘You are not worthy…’. It’s simple, playful and perfectly reflects the entertaining persona that Marvel have built up.


With an empty crate of branded bottles and the wording ‘No more coke here’, Coca-Cola’s 404 page is light-hearted and fun, but with links to their core pages, it shows why they’re one of the world’s biggest brands because they never miss a trick to promote themselves.


With an instantly recognisable global brand, Lego must have had so many ideas when it came to their 404 page. Settling on the hit Lego movie, they have not only made it humorous but are also directing those who have ended up on the 404 page over to their product pages, never missing an opportunity to sell!


Keeping in line with the rest of their illustrative style, MailChimp’s 404 page offers a route straight back to the homepage for the user to start again, but keeps the friendly, helpful personality even on their 404 page.


The Internet Movie Database’s 404 page offers a lucky dip of famous movie quotes, all reworded slightly to talk about missing web pages. It’s kind of addictive, See for yourself here

Louis Vuitton

Like the Coca-Cola website, designer clothing brand Louis Vuitton puts their globally recognised product imagery to great use on their 404 page, and waste no time in directing people to their best selling product ranges. With a professional and classic tone, it’s a world away from the Coca-Cola page, even though they use many of the same tactics, showing that their web team have a great idea of who they are as a business.


FIG recently redesigned the website for Manchester Health & Care Commissioning, and presented some great ideas for their 404 page. We were very happy to see them choose one which recreated assets from their branding using sticking plaster icons – a subtle nod to the fact that the link was broken and needed fixing, whilst keeping it professional, medically themed and on-brand.

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