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FIG’s 3 wishes for manufacturing businesses

December 2021Helen

With panto season almost upon us we’ve been thinking about what we would do if we had a marketing lamp and three wishes to play with…

In the end we decided to dedicate them to the manufacturing sector. Last week Make UK, the leading industry trade body for the sector warned of a ‘an unprecedented combination of a post-Covid credit, cash and costs crunch[1]. It also predicted the perfect storm of rising costs, growing debt and supply chain issues could prove too much for some manufacturers.

We don’t think things are as gloomy as all that (certainly not for our clients) these are uncertain times, and while no one can deny the pressures facing the manufacturing sector ‘the UK is currently the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world’[2] and has a reputation for agility, resilience and ability to embrace change.

Marketing can make all the difference. So what did we wish for?

Wish one:  for a strong Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Manufacturers are facing difficult decisions about where to spend stretched financial resources but manufacturers that market themselves effectively are more likely to navigate the months ahead and put down roots for long term, sustainable growth. The trick is knowing where to focus your activities for maximum return.

Start by defining your audience.

With so much change, pinning down who your customers are can save time, money, and resource down the lines – especially if supply chain issues or geopolitical changes have encouraged you to enter new markets. What products do these customers want? What problems are they facing? Where do they go for information?

Wish two: get on board with content marketing  

Content Marketing is the process of creating and sharing online content to generate interest in your brand, products, and services. It covers everything from blogs and videos through to webinars and social media.

B2B buyers – like consumers – research the products and services they want online before contacting potential providers. What they discover during this process enables them to make informed choices about the products and services they’re interested in.

Manufacturers with a solid content marketing strategy will be one step ahead of the competition because they can show they understand and can meet their customer’s needs and are more likely to get good quality enquiries as a result. They’ll also rank higher for SEO, elevate their brand’s reputation, and build greater trust with customers. 

Wish three: get a website that wows and works.

The 2021 Industrial Buyers Search Habits Survey[3] show that 40% of B2B buyers rate the quality of a manufacturer’s website as an important factor when deciding whether to partner with a supplier.

Your website should be designed with your strategic objectives in mind and be working hard to achieve them. It should be intuitive, responsive, scale-able, and get your customers to the information they want quickly.

In terms of content, video and animations are a great way to communicate complex products and processes and can be more engaging than written content – although you’ll still need the latter for SEO. Use testimonials and case studies to show how your product has solved your customers problems.

It’s behind you

Manufacturers with a consistent, long term approach to marketing will achieve more sustainable growth and be quicker to leave the uncertainties of the last few years in the.

FIG has more than 25 years’ experience working with clients in the manufacturing sector.

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