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August 2019Becky
edge hill university

Edge Hill University Facilities Management team has been working with FIG this year to communicate the services, catering, sporting and many campus facilities offered to students, staff and the local community.

Initially, FIG carried out strategy work with the FM team to ensure there was a robust communications plan in place to look at who we needed to communicate with, any opportunities and threats that needed to be considered alongside strengths and weaknesses, and what were the best, most cost-effective channels that we could use. They also commissioned us to undertake a week-long, on campus research project with students and staff at the university around food options available on campus, outlet styles and locations. This was presented back to the FM team and has helped them make an informed decision about forthcoming changes to the food outlets.

In the past few months FIG has also been delivering on the communications plan, helping to make FM’s information channels more vibrant and accessible, from a very succinct and visual annual report, to newly designed welcome booklets for students, to bright posters about events, important information students need to be aware of, to lunch and sports offers. A big piece of work has been designing vinyl for the walls in the FM and sports buildings, to maximise impact and ensure staff, students and the local community know what’s on offer when visiting the facilities. The vinyl is due to go up in the buildings over the coming months.

FIG is currently working on branding projects for the changing food outlets, which we’re very excited about and we know they are going to have a really big effect on footfall, whilst providing a new taste experience for staff and students across campus. So watch this space…

Sarah Knight, Head of Operations at Edge Hill University FM, said: “It’s been fantastic to have the team at FIG working with us this year. They are so easy to work with and really do feel part of our team. They have quickly understood our needs and challenges with monthly catch-up meetings really helping to keep our marketing on track. It is just a delight to see our communications come to life, it’s made the team here feel re-invigorated about what we do and how we help our students. But we can also see a massive difference on how our newly improved communications are helping students, staff and general public access all of our wonderful services. We are really excited to see the wall vinyl to start going up as they look just stunning and of course to start work on the branding for the food outlets. It’s all very exciting.”

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