A Day in the Life of Studio Manager Callie

Fresh from achieving a degree in Graphic Design, Callie started out in the design team at FIG when we were called First Impression. She’s been with us for 10 years now and has become a crucial part of the FIG team. Starting in print based design, she’s seen the industry develop with the rise of digital marketing. She’s now involved in a lot of digital design including email marketing, social media, website design and has even created her own animated gifs for our Christmas Dingbats competition. But if you ask her, she still loves designing for print.

Having recently taken on the role of our Studio Manager, she acts as an intermediary between the client services team and our talented designers, making sure everything runs smoothly for our clients. Every Monday morning she organises the design and web work for the week and allocates it to the studio team. She says it’s a bit like doing a jigsaw, fitting projects to designers’ strengths, whilst helping everyone develop their skills. She does all of this while continuing to be one of our Senior Designers. Pretty impressive, huh?

She says: “No two days are the same and everything is constantly changing. One day everyone could be working on individual projects and the next we’re all on the same project. I love it when we get a creative brief in and all the designers sit down together and have a creative brainstorm. We have such a range of expertise in the studio it’s amazing for everyone to share their ideas and hear the valuable feedback from our clients.”

Busy and brilliant, Callie doesn’t just look after design. She also oversees our web team, integrating them into the studio activities and coordinating the design and web projects.

One thing we should mention about Callie, (if you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know), she loves sheep. She describes herself as a shepherd overseeing her flock upstairs in our studio.

Outside of work, Callie loves a trip to the Lake District and taking her mum’s dog Scruffy out on long walks.

If you think your business could benefit from a design boost, get in touch with FIG on 01457 857111

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