A Day in the Life of Cheryl

CherylAccount Director Cheryl has worked in marketing and advertising for more than 20 years and has a reputation for getting things done! She spends her time producing marketing plans for our Marketing Partners and then bringing them to life, managing each activity with the help of the client services team and seeing them through to successful completion.

She says:

‘ I get huge satisfaction from seeing a seed of a suggestion come to fruition and producing results for my clients. Effective marketing should have a real, financial benefit and in uncertain times it’s more important than ever that we can show our clients that the investment they’re making will pay off in the short and long term.’

Cheryl has been at FIG for almost four years and believes the way the team works together to deliver (not just talk about) marketing for our clients is at the heart of our ability to get fantastic results.

  • An integrated Christmas marketing campaign for The Devonshire Dome resulted in a 14% increase in voucher sales for the Devonshire Spa compared to the previous year
  • New business grew its turnover from £500,000 in its first year to £3m just two years later.

The businesses that get the most out of marketing are those who really embrace it, taking the occasional calculated risk with something new to really elevate their business to the next level.’

At the moment Cheryl is working with our Marketing Partners to put together their marketing plans for 2018 so she’s looking at everything from overall strategy to new campaign ideas as well as evaluating what’s worked well this year and how those activities can be replicated to generate even more success.

While Cheryl co-ordinates the creative side of things at FIG, outside of work she has a mean creative streak herself. A talented silversmith, when she’s not out with her partner and their one year old, you’ll find her in their home workshop making one-off pieces of jewellery for friends and family.

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