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Dave, our Senior Designer shares his advice for working from home

April 2020Callie

As many of us are adjusting to working from home for the first time, we find ourselves getting to grips with new ways of communicating, working alongside new – sometimes furry – colleagues or mindlessly raiding the cupboard for snacks to keep us going. We thought we’d share how the FIG team are getting on to offer some WFH tips, and to show you that you’re not alone in this. If nothing else, it might give you some new snack inspiration…and who couldn’t use that right now?

  • Snacks. Make sure you have plenty of biscuits. Chocolate Digestives or Hobnobs will suffice.
  • Fresh air is a must. I like a run or a woodland adventure, so factor in whatever you need to ensure you get outside, move around and breathe in some lovely fresh air during your exercise activity.
  • Socialise with your family/housemates. These people are now your main office coworkers, regardless of who they are. Social interaction is super important for our mental wellbeing, so don’t coop yourself up and ignore them just because you are supposed to be working. A good balance is going to help everyone through these very strange times and come out of the other side both happy and on top.

My new colleagues, Evie and Oliver are making sure I stay active and get outside for an hour each day. They do eat a lot of my biscuits though!


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