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Customer Insight is Key

March 2022Emma
Customer Insight is Key

Insight into your customers’ buying styles is of huge importance to your business. As a marketing company, a part of what we do is highlight consumer trends – particularly amongst purchasing habits – looking at their behaviour and what motivates them throughout their journey along the sales funnel.

Understanding what drives your customers to invest in your business and make a purchase with you is extremely important. Knowing the why behind what steered them to make the decision in the first place not only helps keep you ahead of your competition, it also helps you motivate others like them to make the same decision – so understanding what’s important to your customer base is key.

Here’s how you can use customer insight in your marketing to help create a more targeted and personalised sales journey for your customers.

1. Ask them

Simply asking for feedback is a quick and easy way to gain insight into how your business is performing. A quick phone call to find out how a recent transaction went can go a long way toward bolstering your company’s profile and gets results, fast. Alternatively, an email to the customer asking for direct feedback, or a review on a platform such as Feefo or Trustpilot is another way to gain valuable insight. You could even set up your own automated email marketing response so once a customer has entered a specific part of the sales journey, they automatically receive an email asking for feedback.

It doesn’t have to be at the end of the buying process either. Sometimes, it can be more useful to know why someone didn’t complete the transaction or chose a competitor for example, as this enables you to make the necessary adjustments to prevent it from happening again in the future.

2. Split it up

By AB testing a new web page, email heading or call to action, for example, you can gain insight into which option your audience prefers, then concentrate on that to maximise performance.

Perhaps you want to determine whether a call-to-action button in green is more successful than one in blue? By AB testing your page, half your audience would see the green button (the control), and the other half would see the blue button (the challenger). At the end of the testing, you would be able to observe which colour was the most successful, which would then influence your calls-to-action going forward.

3. Get chatty

With an estimated 2.77 billion monthly users around the globe, chatbots and messaging apps have become hugely popular and can offer excellent data. Providing you have someone who can monitor the information and requests that are made of it, they are excellent ways to discover your customer’s pain points and assist in solving them to offer a more positive customer experience.

4. Survey your kingdom

Simply asking your customer base for feedback is great, but if you want to collect lots of data it can be quite time consuming. If you have a large audience to get feedback from, then an online survey can be exactly what you need. Your web company can easily build a survey page on your website which would collect all entries in the CMS, ready for you to download and analyse when necessary.  Sending the survey link out via a well-designed and optimised emailshot is a great way to reach a large audience, quickly, and you can study the metrics afterwards to see who has clicked through to the page. If it’s a more generic survey, then pushing it out on your social channels is a great way to reach people too.

5. Listen up

Social listening is a great way to monitor how the wider public perceives your brand. Whilst online reviews are extremely insightful, they’re written independently, not as part of a conversation. By setting up alerts for your brand on various social media platforms – even ones you don’t actively use – you’ll be able to see much more organic discussions about your company and what people think of it.

FIG’s senior marketing specialists help you pinpoint why your business is different and why customers should buy from you. They’ll show you how to achieve a strong return on your marketing investment through a methodical, insight led strategy that enables you to generate income and ensure sustainable growth.

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