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May 2019Tom

An engaging online presence is important for every business, but if you’re providing something specialist to a range of very different audiences, communicating what you do quickly and effectively is essential.

FIG was very recently engaged by global hearing solutions provider, Phonak, to help re-develop its existing NHS website, after a change in visitor demographics was identified.

The site had been developed previously to house resources and product information for audiologists working across the NHS. However, with an outdated content management system and a major shift in visitor demographics, the site no longer met the needs/demands of this bigger and more diverse group of users.

Phonak’s specialist marketing team discussed their thoughts with their dedicated team at FIG, and together scoped out a detailed proposal to meet the expanding needs of the audience visiting the website and provide a solution to suit a diverse audience base. That saw Phonak’s NHS offering across audiologists and patients consolidated in one accessible, modern website. For audiologists, it was clear that up-to-date information and support on Phonak’s range of NHS hearing aids was crucial and for patients, this information could be supplemented by additional help and guidance on government funding options for accessories. In addition, the proposal also considered the needs of the education sector, which required sufficient resources and support about Phonak NHS products and associated accessories in the classroom.

What FIG did

The site delivered enhances the user experience across all three stakeholder groups, providing a greater and more easily accessible range of resources.

Features include:

  • Three distinct user journeys for each of three target audiences: NHS audiologists, education specialists and patients/hearing aid wearers.
  • New funding section for non-NHS accessories that enables quick and easy access to the information relevant to three potentially eligible groups; employees, veterans and disabled students.
  • Live chat functionality for patients and education specialists.
  • Dedicated area for paediatric specialists that showcases a range of child-friendly products, support and resources.
  • New interactive Listening Room to help children living with hearing loss.

Phonak’s new NHS online presence meets every requirement of their original brief but given the innovative nature of their business, we know their needs will quickly evolve which is why we built the site using with highly adaptable CMS functionality that can develop the site alongside the business.

The new site has seen traffic increase by over 340% in 4 months and has been positively received by all stakeholders who agree it’s more professional, clearer, easier to navigate, more concise, saves time and helps keep audiences informed on Phonak’s hearing solutions.

Benjamin Kennedy, Head of Marketing at Phonak, comments:

“Phonak’s NHS website is a core part of our communications offering across a range of stakeholders, so FIG’s attention to detail, flexibility and guidance throughout the project was of real value to us.

From our initial consultation, through to delivery, close-out and on-going support, we’re really pleased with the team at FIG and look forward to growing our NHS offering with their support.”

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