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Caring about Cleaner Air: FIG helps air filter experts support National campaign

October 2018Charlotte

Taking part on the longest day of the year, Clean Air Day is co-ordinated by Global Action Plan and aims to encourage people to take steps to reduce both indoor and outdoor air pollution. It seemed the perfect opportunity for CFP to help raise awareness of the negative impact of air pollution and show their support for this National campaign. As longstanding champions of indoor air quality (IAQ), CFP showed their support for Clean Air Day with a week long campaign designed to raise awareness of the effect that poor air quality can have on the health and wellbeing of both customers and employees, and how businesses can take steps to improve their IAQ.

As part of the campaign, the design team at FIG developed an integrated marketing campaign across CFP’s digital platforms; their website and social media channels. On the back of this, a bespoke emailshot was created to raise further awareness about the cost of air pollution for CFP’s customers. CFP works closely with large businesses across a wide variety of sectors including retail, hotels, leisure and manufacturing, and many of these sectors rely on clean, high quality environments to provide a pleasant experience for their customers. CFP felt it was important to maximise the opportunity of Clean Air Day to educate and advise their customers on the impact of poor indoor air quality. With this in mind, the campaign team researched facts and statistics focused on air pollution and created infographics to raise awareness through a campaign across social media.

The campaign not only helped to increase awareness regarding air pollution, it also helped to increase engagement between CFP and their customers.

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