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Cake, charity and community

December 2018Charlotte

Charities are facing challenging times – restricted budgets, complex funding streams set against increasing need and a noisy market place are all putting pressures on their time and resources.

Research by Charities Aid Foundation shows that charitable giving can have an impact in business.  Engaging with charitable organisation can create lasting benefits beyond growth, investing in the local economy and job creation[1].

At FIG supporting our local community and charitable giving is something which we’ve embedded in to our business.  We encourage our teams to flag issues, charitable organisations and activities where we can engage and help make a difference.

And that’s how we came to support Reuben’s Retreat with our recent ‘Bake Off’ fundraiser. It was local, it was relevant, it could make a difference.   

  • Sharing a slice of the cake – why charity also means business…

There can be a range of motivations for engaging with charities: a responsibility to a local community, a way of attracting, engaging and motivating staff and reflecting and sharing economic success. At a more strategic level there is also the benefit of brand and reputation enhancement.

Doing well and doing good.

According to CAF, one in four people say they are more inclined to apply for jobs with firms that have a strong track record of supporting charities. Research conducted by Sustainable Brands, showed almost 90% say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided opportunities to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues.[2]

Value added ingredients!

It’s not just outside the receiving charity that benefits – working towards a charitable goal can galvanise a team, foster collaboration between departments and team.

In our case it provided a focal point to morning coffee, it challenged, developed and motivated individuals too. One semi-finalist admitting that her food mixer had lain unopened for 4 years until the motivation of the cupcake round prompted her to pluck up the courage.

With every competition round was the reminder that there were local families in need of support and help and the potential for us to try to make something of a difference.

Each bake off round was expanding awareness, skills sets and waistbands too!

  • Proof is in the pudding (or cake)!

By working with a local charity we are able to see the tangible results of our fundraising. We’re delighted to learn that the money raised sampling each other’s cakes will pay for a break for a bereaved family or a family who has a child with a life limiting illness, providing vital time to remember or make magical memories to look back on.

 “Thank you so much to our friends at Fig Creative for your wonderful bake off fundraising competition. We especially love when people help our wonderful charity by making and eating cakes. Reuben loved cake and there are lots of photos of him enjoying it or it covering his cheeky smile!  It looks like the competition was tough but that much fun was had. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! We promise to spend every penny you raised wisely and Reuben’s Retreat will be built on an army of love and compassionate hearts, thank you for being part of that. “

As the Glossop based retreat is not yet finished the family breaks are provided elsewhere but the charity hopes that with more businesses and people raising awareness and funds Reuben’s family’s dream to have a facility in his own home town will soon be realised.

A slice of happiness and support we can all feel proud of being part of.

For more information about Reuben’s Retreat click here   



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