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Benefits of using video in your marketing campaigns

February 2022Helen

Images are more captivating to your audience than text alone, and videos are more captivating than images. Videos drive engagement much more effectively and they also boost conversions by a substantial margin, as data has proven time and time again. Videos mean people spend much more time interacting with your material and browsing on your website.

Despite this, many businesses still continue to use image-based ads, arguing that video is too expensive and time-consuming. It’s time to dispel this myth and take a look at some of the main benefits of using video in your marketing material:

Benefit 1: People want videos!

If you’re an avid Internet user yourself, then you already know this is true. Videos keep users engaged for longer and they are more impactful than images, meaning greater engagement and conversion rates.

Video also provides you with an excellent opportunity to market to your audience while actually giving them something of value at the same time. People don’t appreciate annoying, invasive ads anymore, and with video marketing, people often don’t even know they are being marketed to, because they’re enjoying the content.

If you want to confirm this for yourself, run some tests by deploying an image-based campaign and a video-based campaign to see which engages users the most.

Benefit 2: Videos can communicate messages more clearly

You’ve heard the saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words.’ So, what about videos?

Images can be more open to interpretation than videos, as videos enable you to elaborate on ideas or demonstrate something at length. The combination of images and sounds that videos deliver tends to make our brains retain information much better, as we can recall the video like a memory of a real-life event.

A written message is easily ignored or causes people to disengage, but videos are much harder to look away from, especially if you create them with engagement in mind.

If you’re marketing in a B2B context, for example, it’s necessary for you to nurture, inform and persuade your clients for extended periods of time. No medium can do this more effectively than video – and your clients will also appreciate the time you save them by making information easily digestible.

Benefit 3: Videos earn people’s trust

Videos can represent real-life much more closely than images and text, and this goes a long way when trying to establish a relationship of trust with your clients. If you see the proof of something with your own eyes, this is much more impactful than simply being told something or shown a single image.

In the same way, you can deliver a message in a more meaningful way through videos. If you have something to say, you can write a script and have someone read it in front of a camera, add some tasteful editing, and send it to clients instead of long-winded written messages.

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