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Benefits of portals

August 2021Mike

What is a portal?

A portal, or intranet, is a website for your company that is usually privately accessed. It can be used to store company documents, tools, and other commonly accessed information. It can also be used as a communication platform to keep employees up to date with the latest news without having to send out newsletters.

What can a portal be used for?

There are many uses for a company portal, but here are a few of the most useful ones :

1. Employee holiday calendar

Lots of companies keep a calendar of all booked leave so that employees can plan their own leave around others. This calendar can be in a very accessible place and is a separate calendar from meetings, dedicated for holidays.

A portal-based holiday calendar can either be managed by a single person, adding all leave when it is requested, or could be expanded to allow people to apply for leave directly through this calendar on the portal, giving people an easy way to apply for leave.

2. Commonly used documents

Lots of companies will have documents that are needed on a regular basis, saved somewhere on a file system. Things such as forms for annual leave, risk assessment, or reference documents like staff handbooks or internal instruction guides. These commonly used documents can be made available on your company portal, allowing people to download them when needed, as well as giving you some additional control over how the information is presented and kept up to date.

Your documents can be linked from anywhere, so if you have articles or pages of information on your portal, you can link to any relevant documents directly from there, or somebody could send a link to a document out to people for quick access.

3. Online forms

Some of those important documents might be better off as a form, letting people submit information quickly and accurately directly from your portal. This could be set up to notify the relevant people about entries as well as keep a collection of past entries for your forms. For example for new employees to agree company policies or a feedback form.

Forms on your portal could also be used for simple surveys, additional information for your profile or in-house competitions.

4. Internal news and social updates

If your colleagues and employees are already visiting your company intranet regularly, you can use this as a way to spread company news, blog articles, photos from exhibitions, award ceremonies, reviews from customers, accolades for staff … the list is endless.

5. Updating workplace activities to be more interactive

There could be many more things your company could benefit from having a place to host it. Some examples might be:

  • Sources of inspiration, useful guides and tutorials
  • Colleague feedback and commendations
  • Publishing a lunch menu

A portal has many benefits and can be used for many different reasons, every day; or it can host information when you need it. It’s only for you and your company, so you can tailor it to your needs.

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