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Benefits of outsourcing your social media

April 2020Helen

Social media is an extremely valuable asset in your marketing toolkit. It’s fast, it’s fluid and it’s free. Win win, right?

Well, yes. The very nature of social media means that you can converse with your customers in real-time, join in with their conversations, and respond to their queries (and any issues), in a timely manner, and there’s no doubt that as a business, it’s important to have a social presence. But you also need to consider that social media can be very time consuming, hard to get right, and easy to put at the bottom of the list of things to do. Which is why we’ve seen an uptake in companies who are actively looking for social media management.

FIG manages social media for many of our clients, either as part of our Marketing Partner Programme, or as a solo project on a retained basis. We create unique, tailored social content based around our clients’ business, their product offering and their corporate news. We also keep up-to-date on what’s happening within their industry and actively search for relevant, sector-specific conversations to be a part of in order to reinforce their brand awareness. And we respond to customer feedback – good and bad – to ensure that queries are dealt with quickly and professionally.

One of FIG’s social clients is Phonak, the UK-based arm of Sonova Group who manufactures hearing aids and assistive listening devices for those with hearing loss. There are three accounts to maintain, each with a different audience, all with different requirements. Phonak’s in-house marketing team needed someone who could actively monitor and manage the social activity, whilst they concentrated on their wider marketing deliverables.


Having worked with Phonak for some considerable time on other projects, we already had a good understanding of the business and their audiences, so the FIG social team were able to pick up the social management very quickly.

There is a conference call with the wider marketing team once a week to keep up-to-date on any new product developments, launches or events, and from that, FIG develops and schedules the content for that week. And because FIG has an in-house graphic design team, we design on-brand social imagery to accompany the posts, to make them visually striking, creating another memorable touch point of the Phonak brand.

We monitor the different accounts and when feedback is received (which can be anything from product queries, troubleshooting advice, recommendations or general feedback), we alert the Phonak team should we require a specific response from them. Not only does this give them confidence that their social accounts are being well-maintained, it also ensures that their customer service output remains high, as does their brand reputation.

And because we have a team dedicated to the social content and management, it means we’ve been able to improve on their – already great – social media results. After the first quarter, Facebook engagement rose by 538%, whilst LinkedIn followers rose by almost 20%, with similar growth forecast for the second quarter.

Jon Hale, Director of Marketing recently said to one of FIG’s team “I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the unbelievable support you have been giving Phonak in the last few days and weeks. Ben had told me the hours you have been putting in to ensure our social media supports both our customer and business needs during this incredibly difficult time.”

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