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Behold the turtle: He only ever progresses when he sticks his neck out

February 2019Tom
Zooming Tortoise

FIG is currently refreshing its website (we go live in a couple of weeks so watch this space folks!) and I’ve been going through our many, many blogs on the old site and found  a great one from back in 2012 about turtles. Well it is about a saying about turtles, originally by a James Conant and it is about risk, but it became my mantra back then and I used it to talk about our newly launched Marketing Partner Programme.

It resonated with me as we were in an unstable economic climate, oh, how some things don’t change a great deal, and my message was that if you are running or managing a business you are not going to get very far by staying still, cutting back on marketing or avoiding the odd risk or two. As a business owner and marketer, I’ve always been a ‘doer’, someone who takes action and is willing to embrace change.

Back then my message was that marketing should be a key part of every business plan, with targeted, regular activity rather than adhoc, reactive campaigns. When times are tough, there is alot of pressure on marketing to get results, and I agree, marketing should be accountable for a good return on investment. But I think all too often marketing will be cut back or campaigns stopped if it’s not seen as working, rather than looking at why it’s not working. Marketing isn’t a magic wand but without it few businesses will grow. In fact, much like the turtle they probably don’t progress much at all.

Back in 2012 I argued that if you were fed up of just surviving the recession, you might have to stick your neck out, invest more to progress and do something a ‘bit risky’. And that it might be the right time for you to make that leap of faith in marketing.

Since 2012 FIG’s Marketing Partner Programme has grown from strength to strength. Some of the initial companies we worked with back then are still working with FIG today because they can see how it works for them and we’ve become an integral part of their business. Now there are two different types of business models who join our Marketing Partner Programme:

Owner businesses

These businesses are still privately owned and are potentially trying to grow to the next level. They will either have a marketing head within the business or there will be no marketing function at all but they choose our Marketing Partner Programme because we become their outsourced marketing department. Uniquely we provide them with the strategic advice as well as the ability to deliver and act on their marketing plan which works so well. We help them to decide which customers and market to focus on and how to communicate with them effectively, making the most out of their marketing budget. And because we offer a full marketing delivery service we can offer a completely integrated  marketing plan, using all of the marketing tools that are now available. We have a team of skilled professionals all with their own area of specialisms available for you to draw on when required. It’s a cost effective solution that’s been having some great results.

Corporates and Plcs

Larger businesses have really tapped into our Marketing Partner Programme for a very different reason. They join for the flexibility it offers to pick and choose from our strategic deliverables to support their own in-house marketing team as and when they need them. Some work with our studio for strategic design concepts and to deliver campaign work, others need digital direction and support, or strategic social delivery or PR campaigns. It’s still a retained, long term relationship but we work closely with the in house marketing teams supporting their strategic plans and helping to deliver on the marketing plans that support the business objectives.

So with plenty of turtles out there I will definitely be continuing to stick my neck out in 2019 for FIG just like we did in 2012. If you consider yourself a turtle too and are looking to get more out of your marketing budget, FIG’s Marketing Partner Programme might be right for your business.

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