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Beetroot Ventures Launch Covid Cashflow Campaign

January 2021Becky

FIG’s newest Marketing Partners, Beetroot Ventures, pair together early growth businesses with willing investors.

When the pandemic hit, they were not ones to sit back and do nothing, and with a wealth of experience behind them, they were expertly placed to help companies stay afloat during times of little to no cashflow with the Covid Cashflow Clinic.

The team at Beetroot are offering business owners a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how they can better manage their cashflow, helping them to prioritise and defer payments where possible. They’ll also help clients build a more resilient supply chain and identify how they can diversify in order to open up new income streams during the pandemic.

Whilst the clinics are directed more towards the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors, Beetroot’s experience means they can adapt and tailor their advice for businesses in any sector having over 60 years’ combined experience across a variety of different business sectors, from manufacturing, finance, construction, traffic management equipment and technology.

Once Beetroot briefed FIG on the campaign, our team sprang into action to create a comprehensive suite of marketing assets to cover multiple touchpoints. FIG’s designers created social images for organic and paid for campaigns, email marketing templates, and campaign imagery to sit with the new web content and social posts that our copywriters had worked up, making sure each standalone asset worked by itself and as part of a set, and matched the corporate branding.

Organic social posts were created and scheduled, and FIG implemented and monitored the paid for campaign too, as well as building the emailshot, and developing the new landing page and booking system.

The campaign is definitely making a splash, with the bright, eye-catching colours and strong messaging resonating with business owners across the UK.

You can read more about the campaign, or book onto it, by clicking here >

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