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B2B marketing trends for 2020

November 2019Helen
B2B marketing trends for 2020

B2B marketing has been changing rapidly in the past few years, with new technologies disrupting the landscape, and much more knowledgeable buyers doing their research online before making decisions. Throw in difficult trading conditions and it’s hard to know who to listen to and what you should be doing.

Here’s our top five B2B marketing trends for 2020 we think you cannot ignore.


In B2B terms sometimes customer experience is the only differentiator and when you work in a competitive market, your marketing really does have to stand out. Personalisation is not new but it means far more than just putting a name on your generic email newsletters. Customers want to feel valued and are looking for that customer experience. If your marketing is personalised you are demonstrating that you clearly understand their needs and requirements. So, it’s time to really get underneath the skin of your customers and get personal!

Content marketing

Content marketing has been around for quite a while now but in B2B marketing, content marketing is king. The CMI said that 91% of B2B marketers use it. What we should be doing in 2020 however is really refining our content to our customer’s needs and requirements. If you are already using personalisation in your marketing you will know and understand your customer very well. Your quality content should be configured around those needs, with your videos and white papers being right up there when buyers do their research and ask questions.

Digital experience

An Episerver survey in 2019 found that 84% of B2B decision makers said customers had increased digital expectations. It’s not surprising as more and more millenials are becoming those buyers and decision makers and are going to demand a slick digital experience. B2B marketers really do have to consider the whole buying journey from a digital perspective, with a fast loading website, online ordering or at the very least online prices and product availability, a good mobile experience and chatbots or better still live chat on websites to answer questions immediately. The B2B marketplace has a long way to go to compete with B2C online experience and those companies that can provide the better digital experience for their customers are going to fare much better than those who do not continually invest in this area.

Account based marketing

Companies who are already using account based marketing probably get better returns on their marketing spend and it’s definitely a growth area for 2020. Account based marketing turns the traditional sales funnel on its head because you put all of your focus and marketing budget on a few accounts that you want to work with rather than marketing to a greater number and narrowing the funnel down to just a few prospects. It requires greater effort and greater budgets but it also achieves greater rewards. Customers who respond well to personalisation, content marketing and a better digital experience will also respond well to account based marketing.

Segmented email marketing

Poor email marketing has had a rough ride in the past few years and with the introduction of GDPR there was alot of talk about the death of email marketing. GDPR has actually made people sit up and do something about their sloppy databases and concentrating on building an opt in list of people who really do want to engage. As a result email marketing has become much more segmented and targeted and therefore much more effective. Who knew!

There are plenty of other trends out there being forecast for 2020 but we think these are the top five and if you can weave some of these practices into your B2B marketing, you’ll start to see a greater return on investment.

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