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Are you making the most of your internal comms?

March 2019Tom

We all know that engaged employees are more loyal and more productive and that effective internal communications (IC) have a direct impact on employee engagement.

The challenge is being able to prove your internal communications are having a direct and positive impact on staff engagement.

The intranet: an under-utilised resource?

The intranet is the natural choice for distributing information to employees and yet it remains an under-utilised resource in proving and quantifying the value of internal communications.

Deloitte’s 2018 Global Human Capital Trends reports that 85 per cent of survey respondents believe people data is very important, but only 42 per cent of those respondents are ready to learn how to use the data. ¹

So why are IC departments dragging their heels when it comes to showing and proving the value of their business function? Factors include a lack of measurement strategy, lack of available time and/or resource and having little or no say in the analytics and reporting functions of their communication platforms.

The importance of measuring

And yet…

In the same way customer-facing website analytics can tell you about customer behaviour and engagement, your intranet should be a powerful tool for understanding the impact of internal communications and for informing and influencing employee behaviour.

Developing an intranet with robust analytics and reporting functions can prove invaluable to internal comms managers because it enables them to see hard data around what works and what needs improving in line with strategic objectives.

5 tips for measuring success

1: Decide what you want to achieve within the framework of the organisation’s strategic goals. Know who you’re trying to reach and what do you want the outcome to be.

2: Look at what’s already working well using analytics if you have them or surveying employees if you don’t.

3: Create SMART KPIs.

These are a series of questions you want to know the answer to and might include:

How many employees use the intranet?

How regularly do they use it?

How are the accessing it (desktop or mobile?)

When do they use it?

What types of content are they engaging with? What are they not?

How are they engaging (are they reading, liking, sharing, commenting?)

Do particular groups or demographics that use the intranet more or less than others?

4: Review performance regularly within an agreed structure or cycle.

This is a process of continuous improvement that should evolve in line with business priorities.

5: Use the data to make changes.

Knowing the answers to the questions you’ve set will give you a clear view of how employees are reacting to internal communications and enable you to make targeted improvements.

If something isn’t working, change it and measure how effective the change is. For example, if a posted video sees viewers dropping off before it’s finished, make it shorter next time and see if employees watch to the end, or if a particular communication has low open rates you might want try another approach altogether.

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