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An effective website is just as important in B2B

December 2019Helen

As consumers, we’ve come to expect a good user experience when we browse online. We take good design for granted and instinctly recognise a good website for its ease of use and appreciation of a user friendly navigation that guides us seamlessly to the products we find interesting. It’s why brands invest alot of time and money to ensure their web experience is second to none. And it’s not just eCommerce, B2C markets give alot of attention to brochure websites too, understanding that when retail is struggling on the High Street, a website becomes an important shop window to promote their products.

So it always amazes me that many B2B companies do not invest in their web presence in the same way as B2C. And I think there is an opportunity here for companies to stand out against their competition with an improved online experience. At FIG we have worked in B2B for 24 years, supporting manufacturing, industrial and very technical companies with their marketing and PR. We advocate investing in a good, effective website but it is sometimes a struggle to get this market to appreciate the importance. Although tens of thousands will be spent on new machinery, manufacturers cannot see the benefit of investing in a good website.

Our top 5 benefits for a good B2B website

  1. Buyers research – increasingly B2B buyers will research products and companies themselves using online tools such as websites and social media to draw up a short-list. If your website is out of date, looks old fashioned, difficult to navigate or doesn’t provide the relevant information buyers are looking for about products and services, your company might not make the grade.
  2. Brand promotion – even if your company is selling roto moulding solutions your website is still a shop window for your brand. A good, engaging website that is easy to understand, easy to use and leaves a good lasting impression on your users, will promote your brand above the competition.
  3. Product showcase – in a busy working environment, make it easy for buyers to choose the right products online and simple to buy, even if you are not selling through an eCommerce website, showcasing your products well with a simple method of ordering will work well to increase sales.
  4. Stand out from the crowd – in a competitive market, where there is little to differentiate between products, it is often your customer service, speed to market and after sales that will make the difference. A good, engaging website can help you stand out from the competition, showcasing your services with customer case studies and testimonials to help customers make an informed decision.
  5. Expert in your field – transform your brochure website into a hub of information with technical articles and white papers, continuing professional development areas and password protected areas for existing customers for more indepth information. Ensure your website is the ‘go to place’ and become an expert in your field.
TEL website

A good, engaging website requires alot of thought and consideration to get it right. And it needs much more than a web developer to ensure you get the right experience. Here at FIG our web projects involve many different professionals. We allocate a project manager who understands marketing and the need to get everything in place – from a good brand and messaging and we help our clients get this right before we even think about the website; to the most appropriate copy and content that is right for the audience, and we have copywriters to help our clients when they haven’t got the time or the ability; to professional photography of your premises, staff and your products that will provide an engaging experience for the customer; to the design process where our designers will consider the user experience of your website and the whole look and feel of the website; before it goes to the web developer to build the secure, professional environment online.

A&F Sprinklers website

It’s a big, complicated task and after delivering hundreds of web projects for our clients over the years I can fully appreciate it is a huge consideration, not just in terms of the financial investment, but also the company investment, of getting it right. But, it’s too important not to do it. A B2B website should be a living representation of your company, that is kept up to date, that provides a true reflection of your company and its products that promotes your brand and helps customers make an informed decision. A website works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round promoting your company and its products and services.

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