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Accelerate your marketing in 2021

January 2021Nikita

Whether it’s Veganuary, National Pet Month or World Emoji Day, a quick search on social and it seems as though every day is an online celebration of something or other. And after an unprecedented and extremely challenging year, what’s not to love about that?

With many national events and celebrations being postponed throughout 2020, next year is set to be jam-packed so it’s time to get out your 2021 calendar and maximise your marketing with the help of our National Events Calendar.

We’ve put together a list of national days and events set to take place throughout 2021, and whilst some of these dates may not be relevant to your company, it’s a great opportunity to explore new opportunities and leverage brand awareness by piggybacking on social trends.

Whether it’s jumping on the official hashtags, tying your promotion into the date or even organising a fundraiser to support a bigger cause, no matter what you do, make sure you shout about it! Download our calendar for free, here >>

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