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February 2022Becky

The Rise of the Sustainability Report

With the UK government working to achieve its target of cutting greenhouse-gas emissions by 78% by 2035, and with growing demand from all corners for transparency on green issues, Sustainability Reports are quickly moving up to the top of the list of business’s marketing requirements in 2022.

FIG has been actively involved in creating Sustainability Reports for our clients and Marketing Partners for a number of years. As a report designed to provide information on a company’s social, economic and environmental performance, they have a number of benefits:  

1. Ensure Compliance

By documenting all your organisation’s sustainability efforts and achievements, as well as all accreditations and certifications it holds in one place, it makes it less likely for you to forget to renew or let one lapse and ensures you stay ahead of all legislative requirements.

2. Makes You a Better Prospect for Customers

By setting out your environmental credentials, you boost your profile and reputation amongst your customer base. In an article about how consumers drive the need for sustainability, We Forum discusses a survey where 66% of all respondents, and 75% of millennial respondents, said they consider sustainability when making a purchase, with many consumers believing that brands bear as much responsibility for positive change as governments.

3. Sets You Ahead of Your Competition

Proactively measuring, monitoring and reporting on your sustainability efforts not only sets you ahead of your competitors if they aren’t doing so, it helps compare your business’s performance against those that are.

4. Builds Staff Morale

Your workforce will take pride in your company’s work towards becoming more sustainable, and will be boosted by its efforts, especially if you get them involved. Let them know how many litres of water is saved each year by not overfilling the kettle, or how much is saved on energy bills by turning off lights when not in use – and let them know how these savings can benefit them too.

5. Enhances Stakeholder Trust

A Sustainability Report is a sure-fire way to seriously impress investors and stakeholders. Not only does it set out your progression in becoming a greener company, it also demonstrates how you are saving the business money which is a big tick in their eyes!

If a well designed and researched Sustainability Report is on your list of marketing requirements for 2022, then why not get in touch to see how we can help.
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