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A (fresh) new face in the FIG family!

November 2020Sophie

In October, I was lucky enough to start my new role as Senior Account Manager.

Having worked as a client of FIG’s on previous occasions, I knew a little about how they work. FIG’s core brand values really strike a chord with me: – working with honesty, integrity and creativity, results driven and a client-focussed mentality, but always working with a smile.

I was elated when the opportunity arose to join the team.

My work history

I graduated from the University of Manchester in 2014, with a BSc in Marketing and Management with Textiles. Alongside core strategic business elements, my degree focussed on applying knowledge to practice in an evolving and fast paced commercial industry. I spent time in laboratories looking at chemical dyeing processes and traditional weaving, as well as theory-based learning – looking at forecasting, supply chain and logistics.

Following my graduation, I joined a company called Sonova, an international leader in the manufacture of hearing care solutions. Initially, I enjoyed client facing roles for both the public (NHS) and private sectors (Independent retailers), before moving on to manage the Client Marketing team, endeavouring to solve their age-old problem, ‘how to get bums on seats!’

More recently, I enjoyed a secondment to Phonak Canada (a Sonova brand) taking the lead on events and conferences. A great opportunity to gain visibility of product marketing and delivering impactful launches. On my return to the UK earlier this year I started a new role as Market Growth Manager for Sonova Communications, an exciting, developing arm of the business which focussed on B2C growth.

My next chapter: FIG

2020 hasn’t quite turned out like any of us imagined and starting a new role from the sanctuary of the spare room was a little different. Adorned with an abundance of succulents and four walls for company, I was understandably apprehensive. But already, after such a short space of time, I’m wonderfully immersed in the world of FIG and our clients, learning about the latest in traffic signs, paper manufacturing and thermal fluid solutions to name but a few!

What can you expect from me?

  • I am both creative and analytic – I will delve deep into data and work on concepts when you don’t have the capacity to do so
  • I’ll adapt – from my time ‘in-house’ I know that a 12-month plan rarely stays that way, I’ll be ready when the goalposts move and react as agilely as possible.
  • I’ll communicate – you’ll always have a complete picture of your activities, just like you’re doing them in house, so there’s no surprises or questions without answers.

The Value of Marketing

Marketing is integral to any business and requires a considered, strategic approach. I believe a core strength of the Marketing Partnerships that FIG deliver, is the time and energy we invest into getting under the skin of a business to truly understand what they deliver and why they do what they do.

Sometimes, clients may know exactly what outcome they need, and the problem they need to solve, but sometimes it’s not so obvious. Wherever you lie on the spectrum, as a full-service agency, FIG can help.

Say Hello!

I look forward to meeting more clients over the coming months, fingers crossed, maybe even face-to-face… You can email me at: [email protected]

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