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A fresh new brand for Edge Hill University restaurant

November 2019Helen
Roots Kitchen branding

The Water’s Edge restaurant on the campus at Edge Hill University is in a beautiful location next to the lake but was struggling to engage staff and students with its lack lustre branding and food offering. Following an insight project, undertaken by FIG, where staff, students and visitors were asked a series of questions around the food on offer on campus it became clear that a complete rebrand was needed, changing the restaurant into a vegan/vegetarian eatery offering gluten free options, exciting pop ups and live cooking stations with a link to its soil association certification and field to fork ethos. Following a brainstorm the FM team came up with the perfect name that encompassed the whole new offering, Roots Kitchen.

The FM team have been working with FIG’s design team all year and looked to the FIG studio with the targeted branding brief. The target audience was mainly staff, who liked to eat in places such as Nordico, EAT, Mowgli and Lounges, who liked to try street food and were trying to use more sustainable options. The style they were looking for was a clean, contemporary yet classic brand but with a rustic edge. They wanted to see olive/sage green colours extending the palette with oranges and greys.

FIG’s design studio were excited to get a B2C branding brief and three of the senior designers set to work on their own research, and  pulling together ideas and choices for fonts, colour palettes and imagery that could work for their initial concepts.

As branding is a collaboration project, the designers presented some of their initial concept ideas to the wider FIG team for feedback of how they’d interpreted the brief. Three stand out ideas were selected and worked up to a finished brand, dropping into situ on signage, aprons and table talkers so the FM team at Edge Hill could see how they would work.

The three branding ideas were presented to the FM team:

A bold Roots Kitchen brand was presented, that was modern, clean and simple, using strong bold colours.

A sophisticated Roots Kitchen brand option was presentation which sat in a mark with a more traditional colour palette.

And finally a fresh brand idea was presented using a rustic, earthy colour palette.

All three branding ideas were received with excitement but the fresh idea was chosen and with some minor tweaks the FIG team brought the final artwork to life on table talkers, menus, packaging, signage and a brand story about the field to fork ethos for the walls and windows. This was achieved in short timescales to meet the opening deadline for the start of the new academic year.

Roots Kitchen is now a vibrant eatery, achieving greater engagement with staff and students alike, with fresh new branding really placing it on the campus map.

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