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A Cause for Celebration for Edge Hill University

May 2020Becky

As part of FIG’s Marketing Partnership, we undertake a wide range of marketing activity for our clients, and a large part of that is to create eye-catching creative design.

Back in 2019, to celebrate the end of a successful year for the Facilities Management (FM) Team, Edge Hill University hosted a staff awards ceremony to thank and reward the Facilities Management teams for all of their hard work, and to celebrate their achievements over the past 12 months.

Being a part of Edge Hill’s FM Team is as much about the staff having a great positive attitude as well as the physical tasks they carry out, and the FM Stars scheme and its award event have been designed to reflect this.

As part of the FM Stars initiative, staff are encouraged to nominate their teammates each month if they feel they have excelled in one of our four FM Values categories: Being Welcoming and Inclusive; Working with Integrity; Respect and Openness; Being Passionate, Engaged and Proactive; and Taking Ownership.

With 214 nominations being received since May, competition was fierce, and by the time the awards ceremony rolled around on December 10th, there was a huge feeling of anticipation in the air and much speculation as to who would take home an award.

As their Marketing Partner, FIG had been asked to design a suite of marketing collateral to help promote the event, as well as prizes to be handed out to the lucky winners.

This included Christmas cards to be sent out to the teams which also invited them to the awards ceremony, along with posters promoting the event which would be put up around the University campus.

We also designed and printed pin badges to be handed out to each monthly FM Stars winner, as well as certificates, commemorative mugs and trophies for the six overall category winners, which you can see below.

The awards collateral helps to promote the FM Stars initiative, and foster awareness of the scheme as by wearing a branded pin badge, displaying a trophy or drinking from a mug, it exposes the brand to a wider audience.

FIG would like to extend its thanks to all the key workers at Edge Hill University and all other education providers and key workers across the UK.

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