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63% of manufacturing businesses consider marketing a high priority*

April 2021Helen

This is one of the key report findings of the *Annual Marketing in Manufacturing Report 20/21 researched and delivered by Intergage in partnership with The Manufacturer.

It’s not surprising that 63% of manufacturing businesses consider marketing a high priority given the challenges of the past few years, with Brexit and COVID-19 still high on the business agenda. In fact 75% of business leaders thought marketing was a high priority.

When economic times are tough and competition is fierce, marketing can help manufacturers stand out from the crowd, increase market share, launch new products, break into new markets overseas, win awards and grow their business.

What are your marketing challenges?

The survey asked what were the most significant marketing challenges they faced:

55% said targeting the right audience

45% said creating enough high-quality content

33% said measuring success and return on investment

33% said not having relevant skills or resource

We hear stories from marketers in manufacturing organisations all the time that their activities are simply not working, that their message isn’t being seen by the right people, and that there’s no uplift in enquiries and subsequently no conversion.

It was one of the reasons why FIG developed its award-winning Marketing Partnership Programme in 2011, to support manufacturing, industrial and technical companies to invest the right amount of time, supported by the right people.

We help to build a marketing strategy to support business goals. But it doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. It can be as simple as thinking what you are trying to achieve, who you want to talk, understanding your differentiator and how to communicate this to the right people at the right time. With a bit of thought and an effective marketing plan in place, effective marketing activities will see an improvements in sales.

One of the key reasons FIG’s Marketing Partner Programme gets such good results is that once a plan is agreed, we act upon it. Our team of multi disciplined professionals, from marketers, designers, copywriters, PR professionals and web developers become, in essence, your outsourced marketing department. Our objective is to run marketing and PR activities that are right for your business in a sustained and targeted manner to get results.

Content marketing a clear winner

When respondents were asked what marketing activity they would be investing in over the next 12 months 80% said content marketing.

We know and understand that marketing results in manufacturing companies lies with a complete demand generation strategy to support the marketing and sales process. Buyers make informed choices before doing business and choosing products and services. They will do their own research and the companies who can offer good quality content, to answer their questions and meet their needs and requirements, are more likely to get enquiries. Content marketing is important as it helps to engage, educate and resolve buying obstacles from potential prospects.

Content marketing also has a huge part to play in the effectiveness of a website. It is well documented that the main search engines all want to see fresh, good quality and relevant content on a regular basis to help with rankings.

Organic social media most successful activity

The report showed that over 55% saw the best results from organic social media activity in the past year.

Our manufacturing clients have seen good engagement from, in particular, LinkedIn which is where we put most of our efforts. LinkedIn works very well for our niche sectors where we can effectively set them up as experts in their field. When implemented correctly the right social media platforms can be a valuable resource for lead generation and content promotion for manufacturers. With limited time and resource to spend on social media it’s important to know which platform to focus on for your sector.

This is a great survey for manufacturers to read to help shape their future marketing budgets.

You can also read FIG’s marketing guide for manufacturers.

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