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25 years in business – my lessons learnt – have a vision

February 2021Helen

I’ve been running a marketing and communications business now for 25 years, since 1996. It’s been quite a journey with plenty of highs – good memories with fabulous staff, some great clients and so many stand out projects.

The last 25 years has also presented plenty of challenges, as you can imagine, so there’s been plenty of opportunities for lessons learnt. I’ve narrowed it down to 25 lessons learnt so here’s my first:

Have a vision

A vision will help to take you and your team and customers along with you in the same direction. Some think that a vision and mission are something corporate companies do. I disagree. I think companies of all sizes should set out their vision. A vision can change but ideally your vision should set out your aims and objectives for the next 5-10 years. In 2015 FIG changed its vision collectively as a team:

“To become a beacon of ethical, effective and exciting marketing that exceeds our client’s expectations and set standards others wish to follow.”

It’s a vision we aim for in everything we do and mirrors our ethics and values. You need to keep enthusiasm for your vision, so if things change, don’t be frightened to change it. Keep it real, meaningful and achievable.

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