2018 Great British Marketing Workshops – Dates Announced!

Our Great British Marketing campaign has been up and running for nearly a year now and during this time we have attended exhibitions, hosted a series of workshops and created numerous marketing whitepapers to provide you with expert marketing advice and ensure that you receive a tangible return on investment.

To continue to support and help you improve your company’s marketing efforts in 2018, we have finalised a number of free workshops based on a range of marketing topics, which will give you the latest tips and advice needed to guarantee steady business growth.

Take a look…

Getting Started with Google Analytics – Tuesday 22nd May 2018

This workshop is designed to offer advice and interactive examples for business owners who are new or relatively new to Google Analytics.

Throughout the morning we’ll:

  • Demonstrate how Google Analytics can be beneficial to your business
  • Help you set up Google Analytics and easily understand analytics data
  • Identify visitor behaviour
  • Help you understand exactly where your website traffic is coming from
  • Show you how to identify what devices are most commonly used to access your website
  • Help you use Google Analytics to measure your website engagement
  • Show you how to get a better insight into customer behaviour and target future customers more effectively.



Getting Started with Google AdWords – Tuesday 17th July

In this workshop we’ll show you how Google AdWords can be used as part of your overall marketing activities to help increase brand awareness, website traffic and to help drive more enquiries. This workshop is aimed at people who are new to AdWords. You may not have set up a campaign before, or you’ve had a go but been unsure exactly what to do.

Throughout the morning we’ll cover:

  • What is Google AdWords and how it can be utilised in marketing
  • How to set up a basic campaign
  • How to monitor and manage your campaigns
  • Outline tips for success



How to Build your Business on LinkedIn – Tuesday 18th September

This workshop explains why having an active LinkedIn profile is vital for business owners in the B2B sector.

In this session we’ll:

  • Give you some brilliant tips for setting up your LinkedIn profile
  • Suggest strategies for minimising the time you need to spend maintaining it
  • Show you how regular LinkedIn articles can help you achieve great results
  • Point you in the direction of some interesting features you might not be aware of



An Insight into Strategic Marketing Planning – Tuesday 20th November

Encouraging you to take a step back from the day to day work, we’ll show you how thinking strategically can really move your business forward.

This workshop will:

  • Highlight a few of the SOSTAC principals looking at where you are now
  • Show you how to analyse what markets/products to focus on
  • Demonstrate how strategic insight can help make your marketing plans more effective
  • Introduce you to some simple marketing tools that can help you see what customers are good for your business, what products you should be focusing on and what markets could help your business grow.
  • Show you how to pull together a targeted marketing plan for future growth.


If you would like more information on FIG’s Great British Marketing initiative, the workshops we have available, or to discuss how we can help you with your marketing going forward, call us today on 01457 857111.

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