Content Management

Content creation and management of that content, from the aesthetics to the experience it creates on your website should captivate and engage your customers at every point of contact. FIG has the expertise to build completely bespoke systems for our clients, providing the control you need over your website’s content. We also use enterprise content management systems such as WordPress and Magento, that provide you with the easy to use content management systems to maintain your website going forward, combined with our experience of building bespoke websites aligned with your businesses strategic goals that reflect your unique value proposition and draw your audience’s attention.

We will show you how to add, publish and manage your content going forward, but with the capabilities in-house we can also take care of this for you, from video, multi-media, blogging, and social media content management.

Manage your digital content using a CMS like WordPress Using a CMS like WordPress or Magento gives you control to manage your website's content

For more information on how FIG can help you with your Content Management, call us on 01457 857111.

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