Manage your digital content using a CMS like WordPress Using a CMS like WordPress or Magento gives you control to manage your website's content

Content Management

From familiar names such as WordPress and Magento, to custom-built backend systems created with passion.

Online shopping with E-Commerce solutions Make your store digital with an E-commerce solution from FIG, manage your shop and sell products online


Whether your business is large or small, the ability to shift stuff online 24/7 has never been more critical.

User Experience

Our UX experts thrive off making every customer journey the best it can possibly be.

Pay Per Click (PPC) with AdWords Run powerful AdWords campaigns to drive traffic to your website


FIG’s unique methodology for planning and implementing PPC campaigns generates incredible results for businesses.

Social media marketing with FIG Social media can be your most powerful tool in digital marketing, FIG can help you to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and plenty more to their fullest.

Social Media

Making sure that you’re business is part of the digital conversations that are important to your brand.

Email marketing campaigns Run powerful email marketing campaigns with Emailshot and engage customers with newsletters and latest offers

Email Marketing

Enabling you to communicate directly to new and existing customers in a creative & measurable way.