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Phonak UK

Phonak is part of the Sonova Group, a leading provider of innovative hearing care solutions.

Phonak itself delivers hearing care solutions via an extensive network of international subsidiaries and distributors, representing over 100 countries including the UK. As a Marketing Partner, FIG was engaged for a two year project to deliver Phonak’s social media activities to help raise its online profile and encourage more dialogue between key stakeholders.

Phonak UK | Case Study

FIG's Remit

With a full in-house marketing team working across corporate, NHS and Independent audiologist marketing communications, Phonak UK had set up two UK-based social profiles for its consumers (Facebook), and it’s independent partners (Twitter).

In 2017, a decision was made to partner a dedicated social agency that could help Phonak further build its social media offering and to ‘speak with more people, more often’.

Phonak UK | Case Study

Speaking with more people, more often

Strategic Deliverables

FIG’s social media team within Client Services initially developed and agreed on a social strategy and content plan for the social platforms in use, comprising tone of voice, key messages and measurement.

Content was developed in partnership with the wider marketing team at Phonak, focusing on the benefits and capabilities of Phonak products for end-consumers, and the value of Phonak’s wider Partnership Programme for audiologists.

To ensure that all key stakeholders are adequately involved and engaged with the social media activities, FIG and Phonak utilised a social media platform for cross-agency communications. This meant that as and when social queries from audiologists or end-users came through, FIG would quickly and easily request information from various departments at Phonak (such as Technical, Sales, Customer Services) to ensure a response was sent in a timely fashion and Phonak’s commitment to its customers was clearly visible across all platforms.

FIG and Phonak had also worked on the content of communication itself, ensuring that messages were supplemented by shareable imagery, design, video and were constantly driving users to relevant online experiences to further engage with the brand.

Finally, Phonak UK has worked alongside its Head Office to set up a LinkedIn Showcase page for Phonak UK, and FIG has been engaged to grow this from a standing start.

Phonak UK | Strategic Deliverables



Increase in followers



Average impressions



Increased engagement



Increase in followers

The Results

From a standing start in 2017, the Phonak UK LinkedIn Showcase page has grown organically and as of March 2019 has 564 active followers – the leading showcase page under the wider Phonak brand.

In this time period, the Twitter following has also increased by over 65%, with impressions increasing by a massive 82% and average engagement up by 42%.

Equally, Facebook engagement has risen by 188%.


“We are passionate about creating hearing solutions that change people’s lives to thrive socially and emotionally, and the social media landscape provides an ideal platform to deliver on our brand messages and truly engage with all of our audiences.”

“FIG has been instrumental in helping us to achieve our aim of speaking with more people, more often, and the partnership approach to delivering our social media activities has no doubt benefited both external and internal stakeholders alike.”

Amy Walton, Marketing Manager at Phonak UK

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