Case Studies

Manchester Health and Care Commissioning Group

A 400+ strong NHS team at Manchester Health & Care Commissioning Group (MHCC).

This integral team are responsible for planning and commissioning vital healthcare services for the entire population of the city’s north, south and central regions.

Manchester Health and Care Commissioning Group | Case Study

FIG’s Remit

In order to enable this large and sophisticated organisation to run efficiently, it requires a user-friendly intranet to allow staff quick and easy access to a variety of information and functions. MHCC had received feedback from its team that its current site was outdated and difficult both to navigate and update.

The communications and engagement team decided that its new intranet needed to be better than that: accessible to all staff, facilitating the easy location of the information, document or team member required, and easy to administer and update.

It also needed to be delivered quickly, as the old intranet was to cease operation within twelve weeks.

Manchester Health and Care Commissioning Group | Case Study

Staff can find and access everything – and everyone – they need quickly and easily.

Strategic Deliverables

MHCC commissioned FIG to build the new intranet following a competitive tender process. FIG had previously successfully delivered two websites for the organisation and Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group. Adhering to the brand guidelines developed for the earlier sites, FIG designed an intranet featuring a series of distinct icons to promote familiarity with the different areas of the site.

The site included:

  • A search function and drill down navigation which enables the easy location of the information and documents required.
  • A team directory including a personal profile section, highlighting to which department each staff member belonged and with the facility for them to easily log in and update their profiles.
  • Individual logins promoting easy access to update by all staff in the fast-moving organisation.
  • Clean icon based layout for all documents and policies.
Manchester Health and Care Commissioning Group | Strategic Deliverables

The Results

Delivered to the customer’s complete satisfaction and within the demanding timeframe, the accessible new MHCC intranet is now playing a pivotal role in ensuring staff members are kept up to date with relevant information and documents.

Staff can find and access everything – and everyone – they need quickly and easily. The visual, friendly and icon led intranet also ensures that staff are not over-faced with the large volume of material that can be accessed by the site. Updates can be easily made.

FIG’s staff intranet was an immediate success with MHCC staff, who, thanks to their new facility, are now better-able to perform to their upmost efficiency in the planning and commissioning of essential healthcare services for the people of Manchester.

“With such a tight deadline, it was a relief to leave the project in such safe hands. The team at FIG were a delight to work with and their technical knowledge was a great asset to this project.

“The new intranet has been extremely well-received and we look forward to developing it further in the second phase of the project.”

Helen Robinson, Communications Manager at MHCC

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