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BCN3D was established as an independent company in 2019 and has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 3D printing solutions. Based in Barcelona, Spain, BCN3D exports its 3D desktop printers to more than 60 countries worldwide and its customers include many well-known brands, such as Seat, BMW, Nissan, NASA and Camper shoes.


FIG’s remit

Having raised its profile across the trade media in Spain and other European countries, BCN3D appointed FIG’s specialist PR team to act as its UK press office and grow its presence in the UK.

With technical knowledge and experience of working across multiple sectors, FIG was engaged to deliver a PR programme spanning the engineering, industrial, technical, manufacturing, automotive and aerospace media.

Strategic deliverables

Supporting BCN3D on an initial three-month trial period, FIG began working with BCN3D in May 2021. We developed a targeted list of key business to business publications and identified relevant editorial features.

Dovetailing with BCN3D’s European PR strategy, FIG developed a campaign that included new product press releases, case studies and feature length articles, all underpinned by comprehensive media relations. Working with BCN3D’s team of technical experts, FIG also organised



media interviews with key industry editors to build relationships and leverage additional press coverage.

FIG secured more than 40 pieces of coverage across online and print publications, reaching a circulation of more than 720,000.

Having successfully helped to promote and widen the BCN3D name, FIG was formally appointed as BCN3D’s outsourced PR partner.

The results

After a difficult few months marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to start collaborating with FIG to boost our visibility among the UK media. Thanks to this collaboration to grow as a B2B multinational specialised in creating the best 3D printing solutions for verticals such as health, automotive, aerospace, engineering, product design, education, among others… BCN3D has increased its visibility and brand awareness among the UK trade press.

Each month we have been exceeding our PR objectives, interviews with our BCN3D spokespersons and we consider FIG as an extension of our PR department and also supporting our distributor in UK and Northern Ireland 3DGBIRE. It is sometimes difficult for agencies and companies to work together with the same objectives and we have achieved this with FIG. They know in detail our success stories such as Nissan, Camper, MCE Metrology, our new cloud that demonstrate how our 3D printing technology helps numerous industrial and professional sectors around the world.

FIG has become a real B2B communication agency collaborating, helping, proposing and executing press actions in collaboration with our PR department of BCN3D. Their work has always been excellent, with a fast and friendly service, a team eager to help and always ready to solve any doubt or problem that may arise. I would always recommend FIG as a PR partner in the UK.

David Martínez, BCN3D PR manager.

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